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ARS 10000 25000 Aquaspray Ltd

ARS for oil free waste water from vehicle washes

The ARS sand filter system is designed for recycling washing water in car washes.  The washing water is cleaned by passing it through a media filter so it can be re-used for all washing processes.  Fresh water is used only for rinsing and when conditioning products are added.  This can reduce fresh water consumption by approx 85%.


This modern water reclamation plant treats wash water with a physical filtration so that recycled water can be reused in further wash processes. In this way the consumption of fresh water is reduced by up to 85 %. It is only necessary to use fresh water for rinsing processes and adding care products of the vehicle wash plant.

Depending on legal requirements excess water is discharged either directly or via an oil separator into public sewer. If required, it can be discharged directly to sewer from the wash water holding tank.

In the ARS the build up of odours is prevented using three independent methods:
- dosing of germ reducing agent
- constant circulation of wash water in non operation times of wash plant
- aeration of pump pit.

The wash water reclamation plant ARS 10000 is supplied ready for connection on a skid. Standard equipment includes following elements:
- media filter module with automatic back wash facility
- dosing pump for germ reducing agent
- wash water circulation pump
- electric cabinet for control of process
- submersible pump with protection against running dry
- aerating pump for pump pit
- wash water holding tank with level sensors and emergency fresh water supply


ARS 10000 - 25000 Flow Diagram Aquaspray Ltd


water reclamation of oil free wash water from vehicle wash plants or high pressure cleaner with top washes and a water demand 10000 l/h or 25000 l/h

ideal in combination with
KÄRCHER - car wash plants or
KÄRCHER - commercial vehicle wash plants

Karcher Car Wash Aquaspray Ltd

Features & Benefits
fresh water consumption reduced by up to 85 %,
effective elimination of odours,
fully automatic operation,
low space requirement,
modular construction,
simple installation,
plants pays itself within an average of 2 years,
automatic backwash of media filter.


Standard accessories

aeration pump, Wash water 1000 l, Dosing unit for degerminating agent, level sensors for wash water tank, Solenoid valve for emergency filling, Sand filter With filter sand, liquid level switch in pump pit, Electric cabinet, Water circulation, Submersible pump 1 piece


 Technical data ARS 10000

  • Power supply (~/V/) 3/420
  • Water flow rate (l/h) 10000
  • Connected load (kW) 2.8
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 1000 x 700 x 1800
  • Washing water tank (l) 1000 

Technical data ARS 25000

  • Power supply (~/V/) 3/420
  • Water flow rate (l/h) 25000
  • Connected load (kW) 3.3
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 1300 x 900 x 1800
  • Washing water tank (l) 3000


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